BB’QUES- Mississippi Southern Style in the Southern Suburbs

Always eager to send our tastebuds on an adventure, we decided to try out the relatively new restaurant at the Groot Constantia Wine Estate called BB’QUES. Although people are very familiar with Simon’s, Jonkershuis or the Groot Constantia Wine Estate itself, BB’Ques is the latest edition to this Southern suburb powerhouse.

Walking into the restaurant from the top-level, the first thing you feel is the vibe. Listening to the laughter and clinking of beer bottles reverberating from the ground floor, my spirits were immediately lifted.


Collage of the decor @bbquesct


The Look and Feel
The atmosphere is fabulous and incredibly ‘vibey’. As the website says, “The American South has found a new home- B.B.Ques”. This is brought to life by the relaxed, organic feel that the décor offers. Apparently this venue used to be part of a German beer hall. It’s enormous. They have enclosed the “warehouse” high roof with hessian rolls which have been tapered across to make it a little more intimate. The tables are all wooden and a variety of different sizes and heights which gives it a feel of organised chaos. The walls are lined with framed posters of Louisiana, Mississippi, old South American adverts and Blues musician greats. If you look up, the top level is layered with old wooden barrels which actually not only reminds you of old southern whiskey barrels but ties the wine farm aspect into it.


600g Ribs
BBQ’s Burger
Southern Fried Chicken
Chicken Fajita
BBQues Chicken Salad
Irish Coffee

The food
The group was ravenous when we arrived so we knew off the bat
that this would be a 3 course affair.

We started our night of cuisine debauchery with Empanadas and
“Kick Ass Skins” for the table.
Empanadas which are also called Pastel in Haitian Creole, are stuffed,
deep fried pastries. Their kick-ass skins are served as a plate of pulled
pork, crème fraiche and cheddar cheese.

After our palettes were whet, we dug into our mains. Although the food took a long time to reach us, I thought it was worth the wait.  We were so full after these 2 courses that we just had Irish Coffees and Dom Pedros for dessert.

For a table of 7, our bill came to about R1300. Considering we
had shared starters, full mains, dessert and there was no shortage of wine and beer, this is a well priced evening out.


Jack Black’s Butcher Block Ale
Jack Black’s Lumberjack Amber Ale
CBC Crystal Weiss

The Beer

BB’Ques serve 3 craft beers. Being relatively new to the craft beer world, I thought I would try them all. I wasn’t disappointed. I am so proud of the quality of SA craft beer & the packaging of the JB’s is professional & fun to look at.



Wayne gaga for Elaine #Love

The Service
Once you walk into the venue, you are met by your waitress who directs you to your table once they confirm your booking. On each table is an elevated chalk board which has your party name and table number clearly written. I personally think this is a cool feature as it not only makes you easier to spot for people arriving for your party, but it’s a fun talking point. The service is slow in general, even for Cape Town standards but our waitress Kirsten was bubbly, friendly and humorous which made the food delays not seem so bad.


Special Mention- The Band:
The live band they had playing was absolutely phenomenal. They are an acoustic trio and played folk covers of popular songs across a whole range of genres from “golden oldies” as well as recent commercial hits. They are called “and the riddle and the pickle”. Hailing from Natal, this band is new to Cape Town but if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it. You won’t be disappointed. I bought a copy of their EP on the night which has their original music loaded. I haven’t taken this out of my CD player since… For a sample, check out their samples on the interwebs: (


They are available for events.
076 129 9325


The Not-So-Good:

  • When you drive in there are a few signs pointing you in the general direction of BB’Ques but once you get closer, there are no signs and finding the entrance is confusing.
  • Although the experience was fantastic, the service was incredibly slow from the kitchen. E.g they did not add guacamole to the burger we ordered and it was a good 15 minutes before the bowl of extra guac arrived. This was after a long wait for the meal. There was also a lot of confusion around orders.
  • I am saying this bit with mixed feelings: there is sporadic to no cellphone or 3G reception in the building. This is a positive because people should be connecting face to face and not online BUT I was trying to live tweet the experience but alas…
  • In terms of their social media presence, the website is good but their “connect” links to Facebook and Twitter don’t work and I actually gave up searching for them on FB as there are at least a million B.B.Ques
  • Also, the details on the registered sites like Eat-Out, Food24 are different to the details on their websites


All in all it was a great experience and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.


The Important Details
They are only open on Friday & Saturday nights.
Booking is essential
021 794 2984

How likely are you to attend this Restaurant:



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